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Jeff Gunther is an entrepreneurial leader and strategist with an uncanny ability to see, plan, and execute favourable outcomes — and the courage to tell the truth when simple solutions just don’t exist.

I’ve held bottom-line accountability in restaurants, hotels, ski areas, sales, training, real estate portfolios, professional practice management, dental centre development, financial services, franchising, retailing, and leadership coaching/mentoring. One of my most rewarding endeavours was creating, with my father, a system of large customer-oriented, multi-disciplinary group dental centres in Ottawa.



For over 35 years, I’ve been active in real estate markets, and have acquired or developed hundreds of residential homes. I’ve enjoyed training thousands of people in real estate business planning, investment analysis, and the art of negotiation.


I’m passionate about peer support and a big believer in business as a force for good. To that end, I serve as a Mackay CEO Forum Chair, facilitate business family meetings, lead an advanced investors’ mastermind, and host a long-running Bible study.

I hold master’s degrees in business and theology. Both have helped me appreciate the genius found in clear explanations of complicated concepts and that I still has much to learn!


As an inspirational speaker, I delight in disrupting the status-quo. As a business advisor, I add value by collaborating on the creation and implementation of great ideas, and by facilitating the reconciliation of relationships. As a practical philanthropist, I serve boards of non-profits, counsel people in the integration of faith and work, and continue to seek out virtuous business opportunities.


I believe freedom is the reward of discipline, and that simple questions often lead to profound answers. My greatest joy is found in the privilege of walking with others as they discover their own true value.

Apply visionary leadership to virtuous service; treat people with dignity; bring joy to those serving and being served; and ensure sustainable growth through exemplary stewardship of resources

Jeff Gunther

Simple questions sometimes lead to profound answers


Simple Solutions to Complex Problems: Jeff possesses a rare talent for dissecting complex problems and presenting clear, concise, and effective solutions. His strategic thinking and insight can turn challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.

Adding Value in Every Context: Whether in conversations, partnerships, or business dealings, Jeff consistently adds value. His input is not just insightful; it’s transformative, often paving the way for breakthroughs and progress.


Faith-Driven, People-First Approach: At the heart of Jeff’s success is his faith-driven, people-first philosophy. He views business not just as transactions, but as a platform for positive impact, fostering growth, and nurturing relationships.

Business Approach

Large Organization Management: Jeff’s expertise in managing large organizations is a testament to his exceptional leadership and organizational skills. His ability to oversee complex operations and teams demonstrates his capacity for high-level strategic planning and execution.

Real Estate Mastery: Jeff brings a deep and nuanced understanding of the real estate sector, honed over 35 years of active involvement. His mastery in navigating market trends, investment analysis, and development projects has not only led to his personal success but has also been a cornerstone in training and empowering others in the art of real estate investment.

Freedom is the reward of discipline