Jeff Gunther recommends these information or service providers:

Kingdom Business Group
Kingdom Business Group is a network of companies, partnerships, and people committed to the promotion of, and participation in, profitable business and investment practices performed for the glory of God.

Secret Homes
Secret Homes is a website dedicated to helping people find and secure clean, safe, affordable housing through a variety of innovative means. We work with sellers, renters, buyers, and investors.

The Direction File
The Direction File is an extremely low-cost, high-value online coaching program that helps ordinary and extraordinary people chart where they have been, where they are now, and where they are going – and then helps them get there in far less time than they would on their own.

David Gill of Ethixbiz works to build ethically-healthy organizations in a complex, diverse, global marketplace.

Real Esate Investment Network
The Real Estate Investment Network is a trustworthy source of unbiased real estate research, investing systems, and training.

Onconference provides an extraordinarily simple and cost-effective means of mastering communication in organizations with scattered stakeholders.

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