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Meet Jeff Gunther

Hi, I’m Jeff Gunther, Veteran Investor, featured in Real Estate Joint Ventures: The Canadian Investor’s Guide to Raising Money and Getting Deals Done (Don R. Campbell & Russell Westcott: 2011)

Real Estate Leader

I’ve been an active real estate investor for over 35 years and currently own 497 units valued at nearly $100,000,000. Successful investors leverage their strengths and have discovered  when and how to combine a simple set of strategies. I’ve shared my insights with novices and industry experts alike, and I can probably help you…

Inspirational Speaker

I love to entertain, educate, and motivate people. With graduate degrees in both business and theology, I’m able to elegantly explore the intersection between faith and business. I’ve effectively engaged audiences of all sizes and I know how to get results!

Entrepreneurial Strategist

For perspective, leaders need the wisdom of a trusted business friend to challenge their ideas and to help them break through barriers. As your personal advisor, I’ll add value by collaborating with you on the creation and implementation of great ideas, and by helping to ensure sustainable growth through the exemplary stewardship of resources.

Companies & People I’ve Worked With

“Jeff is one of the most strategic guys I know. He is totally committed to long term wins for all people involved. It’s apparent why people trust Jeff; he is a consummate professional.”

“When Jeff came to work with us, he had already been a significant achiever in real estate sales. Jeff from day one was a natural for his new position as a National Trainer. Coupled with a great work ethic and high morals, we were proud to have him representing the company with both sales persons and franchisees. And the best thing, he got results!”

Gord Gerrie

Divisional Vice President, Century 21 Real Estate Canada Ltd.

“It’s just nice to know you can fully trust someone to know that he will always have my best interests ahead of his. His intelligent wisdom and strategic insight create a perfect partnership with full integrity.

Dave Phillips

Owner, Phillips Management Inc.

“Although Jeff is a graduate of the Arrow Leadership Program he was a leader long before then! I have watched maintain a learning posture throughout the years – as a business owner, to a graduate student, to a capable volunteer. The wonderful thing about Jeff is that he does not keep his knowledge to himself – he shares it willingly so others can succeed.”

Carson Pue

President/CEO, Arrow Leadership.

Recent Posts

Big Hearts Remember Little Things

Big Hearts Remember Little Things

I’m blessed to work with an absolutely amazing team. My Renovator, Jim, is a big man with a big heart.One Winter afternoon Jim called to check in with me. He wanted to be sure that we were moving the right projects forward in the right order so that prospective tenants, scheduled to view properties, would have

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What’s My Condo Worth?

What’s My Condo Worth?

The whole idea of most condominium developments – whether apartment or townhouse – is uniformity in size and design. In the eyes of a lender, appraiser, home-buyer or investor…

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#1 is the Worst Number!

#1 is the Worst Number!

The number 1 is absolutely the worst number in business. It may be bad for you too!

Think about it: 1 customer; 1 supplier; 1 bank; 1 employee; 1 market; 1 product; 1 service. It sounds simple, yet the number 1 can be devastating in any business. If you lose…

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In the space of about 5 years, I built a residential real estate portfolio that now consists of 497 rental homes, valued at nearly $100,000,000… and I co-authored a best-selling book with Brian Tracy, The Secret to Winning BIG. If you’ve ever wondered how some people seem to continually aim at and achieve higher goals in life and business, this book is a great place to start. I’d like to encourage you today, by giving you a digital copy for free.

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